Rules for the Octagon Fortnite tournament at Spillexpo 2018.


16 teams will participate in the tournament. Some teams will participate based on invitation and others will pre-qualify at Spillexpo.

The tournament will be played as a knockout tournament from the first round all the way through the final.

Each team will consist of two players.

The final decision of the referee will decide who gets to participate in the tournament.

You have to be at least 13 years of age to participate in the tournament.

Prize money:

Winner (1): NOK 40.000,-
Second place (2): NOK 20.000,-
Third and fourth place (3-4): NOK 10.000,- per team
Fifth to eighth place (5-8): NOK 5.000,- per team

Total prize money: NOK 100.000,-

The price money will be paid at the latest November 30th 2018.


The referee will provide a set time for each match. Each team will provide a phone number to the referee when they have signed this document and are accepted by the referee into the tournament. Should a team not be present at the Spillexpo tournament stage at the set time, they will be called up two times. If the team does not appear within 5 minutes of the set game time ready to start playing, they will be listed as a no-show and will be out of the tournament.

In such a situation the referee can invite another team to play or declare a walkover to the other team.

The games:

The team with the highest number of kills wins the match. If both teams have the same number of kills, the team who has survived the longest will have won the game.

No sabotage of the game or other team is allowed.

Examples of sabotage includes, but are not limited to:

Breaking or weakening the opponent’s built or non-built structures.
Causing the opponents to miss shots or miss opportunities for advancing their scores in any way, shape or form.
Build in front of your opponent.
Boogie bombing your opponent.
The use of boogie bombs on your opponent at any point in the game is subject to disqualifications.

It is up to the referee to decide what is cheating, sabotage or unfair play. At the discretion of the referee he can give a warning or stop the match and declare a winner.

No matter the circumstance, the referee will make the final decision and declare the winner of each match. His decision is final and may not be disputed, even if it is, feels or can be understood as wrong. It is a precondition for participating in the tournament that this is accepted. By signing this document, you also accept that no complaint or legal action can be taken based on the decision of the referee or any other matter.

I have read and understood the rules and terms of the tournament. I agree with the rules and terms and understand that they provide me with no right to complain or take legal actions. I will respect the decision of the tournament referee even if I do not agree with the decision.

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