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Vi gleder oss over å ha besøk av Alexandr fra Russland! Han er kjent for sine gjenkjennelige karakterer som Starlord fra Guardians of the Galaxy og Soldier: 76 fra Overwatch, og sin evne til å bringe dem til live! Det er ikke vanskelig å se hvor mye han brenner for hobbyen sin og hans øye for detaljer, og dette kommer godt med i et dommerpanel!

Under kan du lese vårt intervju med Alexandr.

Name: Alexandr
Age: 27
Cosplay alias: SUNJI

How long have you cosplayed?
I have been carried away by cosplay for a very long time; already 7 years for sure. Last couple of years cosplay has taken up all my free time.

What is your favourite part of cosplay?
Perhaps most of all I like to see how a cool image is created from nothing. Make ideas come true — that’s what cosplay is about.

What’s your favourite cosplay?
I love my Star-Lord costume, it fits me well, and also helped to meet Chris Pratt himself in real life.

What’s your best tip to someone who is new to cosplay?
To have fun! It’s most important! And make new friends to cosplay together!

What are you looking forward to with SpillExpo?
I’m happy to be invited, and excited to see how much Norway loves cosplay! Hope we will enjoy this expo together!

What is your cosplay forte?
People say that I manage to show the atmosphere on photos and play out my characters. Check my instagram and see for yourself.

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Fredrik Kjellsen Just

Fredrik er en fantastisk cosplayer, og ingen ringere enn vinneren av SpillExpo Cosplay Contest 2016! Med sitt plettfrie kostyme, fantastisk tilværelse på scenen og crafting-talent, imponerte han dommerne og stakk av med tittelen! I år sitter han i dommerpanelet og gleder seg til å se på kostymene i SpillExpo Cosplay Contest 2017!

Vi har gjort et lite intervju med Fredrik for å bli bedre kjent med ham som cosplayer.

Name: Fredrik Kjellsen Just
Age: 23
Cosplay alias: Just Cosplay

How long have you cosplayed?
For almost a year and a half.

What is your favourite part of cosplay?
Making, building, creating and designing!

What’s your favourite cosplay?
As i almost only have done Genji cosplays, i would have to say that Oni Genji is my favourite one, because it’s the most comfortable, lightweight and prettiest costume i have made!

What’s your best tip to someone who is new to cosplay?
Dare to fail, and don’t be ashamed to do things many times over!

What are you looking forward to with SpillExpo?
Meeting likeminded people, seeing a lot of great cosplays, trying out some cool games, and hopefully learning something new!

What is your cosplay forte?
I guess it would be EVA foam and lights! I feel comfortable working with it, and always try to challenge myself when i make something with it! The simplicity of EVA foam is great, and it allows you to make incredible things using simple methods and tools! When it comes to lights in costumes, i love working with it, especially when things work like intended. Almost every cosplay look better with lights, that’s my motto!

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Tine Marie Riis

Som en av Norges mest kjente cosplayere, cosplay-ambassadør for Telenor, og med sin erfaring som dommer i konkurranser verden over, er Tine Marie Riis en flott ressurs til dommerpanelet vårt på SpillExpo. Hun har mange års cosplay-erfaring bak seg, og en kjærlighet til cosplay som gjenspeiler seg i kostymene hennes. I tillegg plasserte hun på 3. Plass i SpillExpo Cosplay Competition 2016!

Under kan du lese vårt intervju med henne!

Name: Tine Marie Riis
Cosplay alias: Cosplayer Tine Marie Riis

How long have you cosplayed?
I started cosplaying in 2009, so that makes 8 years now!

What is your favourite part of cosplay?
Being a part of the awesome community that we have. It made me into the person I am today and I could not be happier! I also love being creative, so that was a big plus for me when I started to create my own cosplays.

What’s your favourite cosplay?
That’s a tough one! I’ve gotta say my Vakyrie Leona from League of Legends. Everything fits perfectly and it was my first time making props and a helmet, so I learned alot from it. Then again, I love every single one of the cosplays I’ve made.

What’s your best tip to someone who is new to cosplay?
Be yourself. This community is so loving and caring, and it is a truly wonderful experience! I was able to find new friends who also liked the same animes/games as me when I cosplayed the characters that I loved. Also, don’t give up if you have trouble if you want to make your own cosplay! Even though some things might be difficult, you’ve just gotta remain positive and try again! I have been in the same same boat many times, wanting to give up, but I never did!

What are you looking forward to with SpillExpo?
Meeting all of the amazing people and cosplayers! I am looking forward to seeing all of the talented and wonderful cosplayers on stage during the cosplay competition. Not to mention exploring everything and having fun.

What is your cosplay forte?
I’ve gotta say that it is armor, props and special effects; not to mention working on those small details of the cosplay that can take hours, I truly enjoy those as I am a perfectionist. I also like to teach others and hold talks and panels about my years of cosplay experience. I’ve had countless workshops at Folkehøgskoler, Teknisk Museum and Nasjonalmuseet.

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